In 2009, as we were anticipating the arrival of our daughter, Ivey, I began searching for resources for differently abled parents. I wanted to know how other moms learned how to change a diaper one handed and dealt with carrying a baby on their hip despite balance issues. I wanted to know what products were easiest to use for parents with physical limitations. What I found was a lot of information for parents who’s children were differently abled, but zilch for parents who were differently abled themselves. It was frustrating to say the least.

In all of my pre motherhood zeal, I set out to create a page containing product reviews, tips, and tricks designed specifically for parents with physical challenges. I got as far as choosing the name “Adaptive Mom” and purchasing the domain name. Then I became a mom and spent all my time and energy learning how to be an adaptive mom and had very little left over to share document my experiences.

A month after Ivey’s 2nd birthday, we discovered that we were pregnant with our son, Chase, and once again Adaptive Mom moved further down on my to do list.

Finally, now that Chase is almost 8 months old, I have resolved to give this page the time and effort it deserves.

Here’s the thing, now that I’m taking the time to document my experiences, I am realizing that being an “adaptive mom” is so much more than just finding the most accessible products out there. Being a mom, for anyone, requires one to adapt and grow every day. You cannot adapt motherhood…motherhood will adapt you.

Adaptive Mom is a place where I will share how I’ve learned to adapt and be the best parent I know how to be. I will also post links to the products that I have found most helpful, because let’s face it, every mom could benefit from a product that requires the least amount of time and effort possible!

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