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Posted on Aug 22 2013 - 8:50pm by cris

National AMBUCS, Inc. is a national charitable service organization whose goal is to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

The AMBUCS mission is fulfilled by members of local chapters who:

  • Perform Community Service
  • Provide AmTryke therapeutic tricycles to people with disabilities, and
  • Provide scholarships to therapists

For many, AMBUCS is a fun way to serve in their community.

This is my AMBUCS story:

I loved riding my bike as a kid. I went everywhere. I rode to see my friends, to the store, and to the park. When I became differently-abled, I had to give up my bike. For years, I longed for a fun way to exercise outdoors (other than horseback riding) and get from point A to point B without having to walk (my walking limit is 0.5-1.0 miles). However, the only adaptive bikes I knew of were handbikes for paraplegics. I could find nothing for a lopsided teen/adult with balance issues.

Then a few years ago, my dad noticed a group of differently-abled bike riders in a local parade and passed the information along to me.

The group was from our local AMBUCS chapter and the bikes were AmTrykes. All of the riders in the parade had been children, but I was hopeful and contacted my local AMBUCS to schedule a fitting with one of their volunteer Physical Therapists. I was the chapter’s 1st adult bike rider and with a little trial and error we designed a custom bike to fit my needs.

My family agreed to donate the funds for my bike as a Christmas present and I had my beautiful red tricycle before Santa even arrived.

My first set of wheels was an upright single-speed tryke. It was great for riding up and down the street, but I struggled with even the mildest of slopes.


A few years later, my local AMBUCS chapter contacted me about a new recumbent 21 speed tricycle that they were offering. I was thrilled!

I was refitted for the new bike and traded in my original bike for the majority of the cost.
It was awesome to know my 1st tryke was going on to help someone else who had similar needs to mine. She was able to receive her bike faster because it required a discounted donation and was already on site and built.

My new 21 speed is AWESOME! It enables me to do things I never thought possible. I ride bikes with my daughter, I ride with my husband who tows both kids, I visit friends and family all over our neighborhood, and I ride to the pool. I go whenever and wherever I want. Total freedom while strengthening my body and getting a cardiovascular workout…something not easily obtained by many differently-abled individuals including myself.

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AmTrykes offer endless possibilities for all ages and levels of ability and AMBUCS makes these trykes accessible to all through donations and fundraisers.

Want to get involved?

Find your local chapter

Donate to the national AMBUCS organization

Purchase products from Essante Organics to benefit my local chapter. 30% of all sales purchased from the link below will go directly to the Huntsville TN Valley AMBUCS chapter.

AMBUCS is not just for adults! There are also AMBUCS Youth Auxiliary chapters made up of college or high school students that care about the AMBUCS mission.



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