WBW 2013: No Story Stands Alone part 6

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 8:00am by cris


Jennifer P.

About a year ago I gave birth to my baby girl, Pearl. I had taken Bradley classes, read Le Leche League’s book and been to a Le Leche League meeting. I also had very good support from my mother, my father, my husband and my mother in law after my baby was born.

Even though no one in my family was familiar with breastfeeding, no one ever made me feel unwelcome when I would nurse my baby and everyone was helpful to me around the house.

I had a home birth so I didn’t have a lactation consultant available right away, but after 3 weeks of being in significant pain from a gash in my left nipple, I hired Tess Johnson. She was so amazing, she reassured me that my instincts are right to follow, that I had been doing a good job, and that there was a solution available for my injured nipple.

Since having healed from those early weeks, I have become an even bigger advocate for breastfeeding and the need for moms to have access to the right resources and help through their journey. I feel so blessed to have this bond with my baby through nursing and am looking forward to nursing her as long as she likes.



Valerie E.

I was unable to nurse my first baby due to lack of support, knowledge, and a monster infection. I was heart broken.

When my second child came along, I was very determined to nurse. I armed myself with a ton of knowledge from books, blogs, facebook pages, and classes. I enlisted a group of supportive breastfeeding moms and had a long talk with my husband. The hospital even allowed my BFF to come into recovery with me after my C-section and help me with my first nursing session with my LO.

My 2nd baby is now 6months old and she nurses with ease.

I am a full time working mom and, with support, I’ve even gotten into a successful pumping routine.

This go round has been wonderful because of the support of my friends and family.


My MIL asks the baby if she wants “titty” and my 4 year old thinks she says “teddy”. So now when the baby is hungry, my 4 yr old asks the baby if she wants teddy. LOL. Everyone is very supportive. 😉


A huge THANKS to all the amazing mamas who hared their inspiring stories this week!

My hope is that you or someone you know who is struggling with breastfeeding or not reaching a personal breastfeeding goals will be encouraged by one or more of these stories and know you are not alone.

Seek support and celebrate your victories with others. I promise you are not alone!


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