“Scrapbooking” Simplified

Posted on Oct 23 2013 - 5:27pm by cris

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Kids say the darnedest things…right?

My daughter comes up with the most creative words. To be honest, I think she’s come up with a few terms more appropriate than the original.

For example:

  • An appliance that is a stove top and oven is a “stoven”. Makes perfect sense to me!
  • Here’s another that many kids ingeniously use, “hanitizer”. Again, makes sense and I know exactly what they mean.
  • One of my favorites has to be the “cat pool”…you know, the big pool next to the “kiddie (kitty) pool”. Obviously!
  • Then there’s how she describes someone sneezing. Being the true southern mama that I am, I taught her from birth to say “Bless you!” . Therefore, when a person sneezes she says they “bless you’d”.
  • Finally, there’s the “pajacket”, a button up long sleeve pajama top, of course! Genius!

What are some crazy cute things your kids have come up with?

As my daughter….and eventually my son…come up with these brilliant gems, I like to make a note of them (usually in my phone) and later transpose them into a journal that I’m building for each child.

journal, scrapbooking made simple, http://www.adaptivemom.comThese journals are somewhat random and not neat or pretty, but neither is life with kids. I used to put off adding to them until I was feeling creative or had a quiet moment. Guess what? The journal’s stayed empty and I’m STILL catching up.

My “inner Monica” tries to persuade me to do all the fancy scrapbooking stuff and start a new book each year, but as a solely left handed hemi and busy mom…I get easily frustrated with that sort of thing. I am NOT the super mom that digs cutting, pasting, cricketing, or whatever…if you are, I salute you!

My kids won’t care about all that fancy stuff as young adults anyway (at least that’s what I tell myself). They’ll just be thankful for the memories, right? So don’t sweat it if you can’t find time to make an elaborate page for every life event. SOMETHING is better that a stack of “I’ll get to its”.journal, scrapbooking made simple, http://www.adaptivemom.com

I randomly add things likeĀ birthday party themes, their friends names, notes about special gifts, cards, cute pictures, and memorable events. As long as you date every entry, the randomness will work itself out. It’s like I’m creating a set of “Clift notes” about their childhood.

For example: Last year, after Lil Imp’s third birthday, I started asking my her a set list of questions like “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, “Who’s your hero?”, and “What’s your favorite toy?”. I plan to ask the same questions, record their answers, and add additional questions for each child until their 18th birthday.

journal, scrapbooking made simple, memories, http://www.adaptivemom.comTips for sticking with it:

  • Keep the journals handy, not put up safe in a closet. I keep mine on a dresser in the playroom so I can write as we play.
  • Keep a list in your phone. There’s an app for that…I just use a notes app. I type in a key word or phrase as life happens, then add it to the journal when we I get a chance.
  • Make it a team effort. Ask your kids what THEY would want to say to their grown-up self…then try to write through yours tears of laughter.
  • Finally, don’t sweat the mistakes. Our kids will know good and well that we are not perfect by the time they are young adults. A scribble, coffee stain, or misspelled word will only add character!

Well, these guys are a riot this week so I better go jot some things down!

What sorts of things do you hang onto and add to as keepsakes for your kids?

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